“Current Balance” doesn't tell the whole story. Answer the question 'how much can I spend now?'

You shouldn't have to get out a calculator just to figure out if you can afford a new pair of shoes or a nice dinner out. At most banks, "Current Balance" shows you how much is in your account, but then you have to mentally deduct your upcoming rent, the groceries you're buying this week, and the gift you have to buy for your cousin's wedding. Safe-to-Spend™ does all the math for you by taking your balance and subtracting upcoming bill payments, pending transactions, and any Goals you're saving for. With Safe-to-Spend, you get a much more accurate picture of what you can really spend today without hurting yourself tomorrow.

Get a better picture of your finances than ever before.

With Simple, you see your budgeting, saving, and spending all in one place: your account. Goals and Safe-to-Spend™ go hand in hand to help you control and understand your spending while making sure you have enough to pay the bills–and maybe even save up for something special. Save more than you ever have, and stop wondering how much you can spend—give yourself real answers instead.

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Customers who save and budget with Goals save twice as much as customers who don't.

Organize your saving. Spend smarter. Meet your Goals.

Goals helps you balance monthly expenses, major purchases, and everything in between. And Simple does the math for you automatically, so you can make your spending right for your budget.

  • Vacationfor750.00

    Save over timeMaybe you don't have all of the money now, or maybe you have time to plan ahead for a purchase or a payment. Say when you want to have the money, and Goals sets aside a little bit from your Safe-to-Spend™ every day until you’ve reached your Goal. You can add chunks of money when you’re feeling flush with cash, and move money among Goals if you need to change priorities.
  • Restaurantsfor150.00

    Save it nowYou can also use Goals for everyday budgeting. Want to make sure you only spend a certain amount on restaurants this month? Put it aside in a Goal, and slowly draw from those funds whenever you go out to eat. Get paid today, but your electric bill is due in a week? Set it aside now so it doesn’t get spent.

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  • External accounts is awesome! It has totally simplified transferring funds into my Simple bank account. Goals is great too as I am now more eager than ever to save money. Banking is now fun! Ryan S.

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