Is there any sort of incentivized referral program?

If you decide you love Simple so much you’d like to share us with a friend, we’d like to show our thanks by sending each of you $20.

How do I get $20?

  • Find a friend who might enjoy using Simple.
  • Look for the 🎁 icon in the header of your Simple mobile or desktop app, then:
    • Click or tap that cheerful icon!
    • Share your personal invite link with any (and every) one you want.
    • When your friend successfully uses their new Simple card for the first time...
    • ✨ magical poof✨ $20 appears in your account!


Here are answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions.

What if I invite more than one friend? Will I get $20 each time? Yes! As long as your friends sign up through your referral link, successfully uses their Simple card, and is a new Simple customer who has not previously had an account. Please view the full program details here.

What if I referred a friend in the past, before this $20 incentive was announced? We’re only able to offer these for new referrals that happend after we announced this program on December 13, 2017 (although we’re so glad to hear you shared us with your friend). Perhaps there’s someone else you know who might love using Simple?

Did you used to offer a custom Tanner Goods wallet for referrals? We did, but we are no longer offering that incentive.

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