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Getting Started With Shared

Before inviting someone to Shared

Though opening a Shared account is quick and easy, there’s a little necessary homework to do before opening it.

When you open a Shared account, you and your partner will each have an individual account (that belongs to just you) and the Shared account (which you both own). You can learn more about what it’s like to co-own a bank account in this article, and a bit more about Shared accounts in general in this one!

It’s also a good idea to talk with your partner about how you’ll be using the account. What expenses and income will you share, and what (if any) will you choose to keep separate? Are you eager to analyze your spending trends or budget with Goals? If so, what system would you like to use?

Inviting someone to open a Shared account

  1. From your account settings, select Start a Shared account.
  2. You’ll see an info screen with a few key facts about Shared accounts. After reading these facts, enter your partner’s email and phone number. description
  3. If they already have a Simple account, they’ll get an invite to open the Shared account right away. If they don’t have a Simple account yet, they’ll be invited to apply for a Simple account. Either way, you’ll both get an email once the Shared account is opened.
  4. Your new Shared card will be automatically sent to the address we have on file for you (and your partner’s will be sent to the address on their individual account). The cards will arrive in about 2 weeks.
  5. When your card arrives, activate it.

Switching to your Shared account on the web or with the mobile app

You’ll use the same username and passphrase for both your individual account and your Shared one. When you log in, you’ll see your individual account until you take the following steps to switch:

  • On the web: Log in and hover the mouse over your name in the upper right corner. Then, select Switch accounts from the drop-down menu, and select your Shared account.
  • With the Android app: Swipe right to open the navigation menu. You'll see the icon for your Shared account in the upper right corner of that menu. Go ahead and tap it to switch to your Shared account.
  • With the iOS app: Go to the Accounts tab (it’s in the bottom right corner) and tap Switch Accounts. You can also press and hold the Account tab from any screen. Then, select your Shared account.

If you'd rather see your Shared account first upon logging in, you can set it as the default. This is only available on the web right now; we're working to offer it on our mobile app down the road. To do this, visit your account settings on a computer, and scroll down until you see the Change Default Account button. Click that button, and then select the account you'd like to set as the default.

Moving money in

There are lots of ways to move money into your Shared account. If you’ve had your individual Simple account for a little while, you’re probably already familiar with most of them. To use these methods with Shared, just make sure you’re logged in and viewing your Shared account before you get started.

  • Set up Direct Deposit: You can find your Shared account number and direct deposit form by logging in, switching to the Shared view, and checking out your Account Settings.
  • Deposit checks: You can submit deposits directly into your Shared account through the mobile app with Photo Check Deposit. If you need to deposit a check by mail, just write your Shared account number on the back when you endorse it.
  • Move money to and from your other bank accounts: Use External Accounts to link any other accounts you own. Then, move money back and forth, fee-free. Fun fact: if you link another bank account to Simple, you’ll be able to transfer funds in and out, but your partner won’t be able to see your linked account or make transfers.

There’s also a new option just for Shared accounts—and you can use this one when you’re logged into your individual account. If you peek at the Payments & Transfers menu, you’ll see a new option: Shared Account Transfer. You can instantly move money from your individual account to your Shared one—without any limits.

If you do a Shared Account transfer after switching to your Shared account view, you’ll have the option of sending money, instantly, to either one of the connected individual accounts.

What next?

Check out the Making the Most of Shared article to learn more about setting up bills and using your Shared account alongside (or instead of) your personal one.

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