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Shared Accounts

Simple Shared accounts are almost ready for you

You may have heard the news—Simple Shared accounts are almost here. If you’re eager to try them out, head over here and let us know you’re interested in beta testing.

What we’re building for you

When Simple Shared is launched, you’ll be able to ...

  • Sign up quickly and easily: You can create a Shared account entirely online, generally within minutes.
  • Use your Shared account for all the things you do together: We’ve designed Simple Shared to work for all sorts of partnerships (whether you’re roommates, family, romantic partners, travel companions …). Having an individual account connected to the shared one makes it easy to share everything, or a few specific expenses.
  • Save and spend as a team: Use features like Goals and Safe-to-Spend to stay on top of your shared financial plans.

More about that beta test

  1. We’ve already done initial “alpha” testing with Simple employees to find and fix the anticipated bugs that come with any new product. Since Shared Accounts are still a work in progress, we’ll be looking for your feedback on what we’ve built, plus suggestions for things we can improve.
  2. You’ll need an individual account backed by our new partner bank, BBVA Compass, to create a Shared account. (If you already have a Simple account, you can find your partner bank in your account settings.) Don’t worry, though—you can sign up to beta test even if your account is backed by our previous partner bank, The Bancorp Bank. We’ll prioritize your move to BBVA Compass; you’ll get an email from us as soon as we’re ready to move you over.
  3. There are some legal things you should know before opening a Shared account. Learn all about them over here.
  4. After you sign up, we’ll be in touch with more info and next steps when it’s time to get started.
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