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State of the Beta

The beta group and how to join

Right now, Simple employees and a few customers are beta testing Shared accounts. Over time, we’ll be inviting more and more testers. If you’re interested, sign up here to join the waitlist.

Although you and your partner need a Simple account backed by BBVA Compass in order to test (more on that over here ), you can still sign up if your account is with our original partner bank, the Bancorp Bank. We’ll help you move over to BBVA Compass as soon as possible. We’re especially eager for feedback from long-term Simple customers, and that’s one of the things we’ll be keeping in mind as we invite folks to the beta.

Things you can do with your Shared account, right now

  • Set up Direct Deposit: Once your Shared account is created, you can set up direct deposit by giving your new Shared account number to your employer.
  • Make a Goal: Goals are up and running on the web, iOS, and Android. Create Goals and mark transactions spent from them.
  • Send Shared account transfers: Like Instant, but for transferring funds from your individual account to your Shared one, and vice versa. Make a Shared account transfer on the web or with either of our mobile apps.
  • Use your Shared card: Once your Shared account is created, we’ll automatically send you and your partner each a new card. You can also lock or block your own Shared card on the web or with the mobile app.
  • Move money to and from your other bank accounts: Use External Accounts to link any other accounts you own. Then, move money back and forth, fee-free.
  • Make payments: Send a check or pay bills with our payments feature.
  • Deposit checks: You can submit deposits directly into your Shared account through the mobile app.
  • Download your statements: Okay, so this probably isn’t on the hot list of features you’re looking for. Statements are an essential banking basic, though, and you can download them on the web.

Bugs we’re planning to squash

The beta is all about testing Shared and making them better. New technology comes with bugs and unintended behaviors, and we’re relying on testers like you to help us find them so we can fix them. Here’s a list of bugs that we’re currently working on. If you run into anything that isn’t on this list, give us a call at 888-248-0632 or send us a support messagesend us a support messagesend us a support message so we can get it resolved.

  • If your shared account is newly created, you may see a message saying we can't load your transactions or your balance. This will go away on its own after 24 hours.
  • When you get an invite to open a Shared account and tap the button to accept it, it might seem like the request hasn't gone through. That's because it takes us a while (2-5 minutes) to open the Shared account in the background. Hang in there, and resist refreshing or closing the page. If you do close it or refresh, check back in about 5 minutes.
  • When you switch accounts, the screen may continue to show information for the screen you just switched from. To fix this, tap on the Activity tab and wait for it to fully load. Then navigate back to the screen you'd like to see.
  • The card images in the app (which you'll see when you activate, block, or unblock your card) will be all white, like your individual card. Check your card number to confirm you're managing the right one.
  • If your shared account is newly created, you may see a message saying we can't load your transactions or your balance. This will go away on its own after 24 hours.
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