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Statements & Export


You can download and print statements for the entire history of your account here. Monthly statements are made available within the first week of the following month. If you'd like a mailed statement, just send us a support message.

Can I export transaction data?

Sure thing! You can export your transactions in CSV or JSON format. Just search for the type of transactions or the date range you'd like to study, and click the Export button from your main Activity page.

Heads up: if you have a lot of transactions and you don't use search to filter them before exporting, the file size will be too big and you might get an error message. If that happens, just search for a narrower range of dates.

We don't currently support OFX, QIF, QFX, or direct exports to Quicken. If you're willing to take a couple of extra steps, you can find software online that will convert CSV files to QIF files, which you can then import to Quicken.

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