Deposit by Mail

What deposits are best submitted by mail?

There are a few types of checks that must be deposited by mail: checks that exceed your Photo Check Deposit limit, starter checks (also known as temporary or counter checks), and traveler's checks. If we're unable to scan or process a deposit via Photo Check Deposit, we may ask you to mail it in. You may also choose to mail in checks if you would like to deposit more than 5 checks per day, or if your mobile device is broken.

How to make a deposit by mail

To deposit a check by mail, endorse the check by signing it and writing "for deposit only" on the back, and write your account number under the endorsement. Be sure to include this information: without it, we may not be able to locate your account and process your check.

Then, mail it to one of the addresses below. We recommend using certified mail so that you'll have a tracking number.

If you're sending the check by USPS mail:

BBVA Compass
Simple Acct Bank by Mail
P.O. Box 515
Birmingham, AL 35201-0515

If you use an express delivery service like FedEx or UPS:

BBVA Compass
Simple Acct Bank by Mail
701 32nd Street South
Birmingham, AL 35233

It can take a week or more for a check sent standard mail to arrive. Once it arrives, it will be picked up and processed within a few business days.

You can learn more about check funds availability in our Check Holds article.

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