Check Requirements

What information does a check need to have?

  1. The payor information. If you have a check lacking this info (known as a temporary, starter, or counter check) it's not eligible for Photo Check Deposit, but you can deposit it by mail. description
  2. Your name in the "Pay to the Order of" field. We can't accept checks that are made out to another person, even a friend or family member, except for minor children in your care. If you do have a check that you'd like to deposit for a minor child, shoot us a messageshoot us a messageshoot us a message and we'll let you know how to submit the check. description
  3. A current date. We can accept checks up to 6 months after the date on the check, unless the check says it will be considered void before that point. description
  4. The amount. The check should have a written and a numerical amount, and they need to match. description
  5. The issuer's signature. description

How about a money order?

Money orders are easy to fill out. If the money order has a line for the purchaser's signature, make sure that the person who bought the money order signs it before you deposit it. Then, make sure your name is in the 'Pay to' field and endorse it just like a check (including your account number and signature on the back).

Endorsing a deposit

To endorse a check or money order for deposit at Simple, sign it and add your account number. Make sure to use ink, and not a pencil. description

Things to keep in mind

  • The check has to be legible and in reasonably good condition. If it's torn or voided, we cannot accept it and you'll need to get a new check from the payor.
  • Since your Simple account is a personal account, the check must be in your name. We're not able to accept checks made out to another person or a business.
    • If the check is made out to more than one person, we can accept if it's made out to "your name or another name," but not if it says "your name and another name" unless you have a Shared account with that person.
    • There is one notable exception to this rule: we are able to accept joint tax refund checks that are made out to you 'and' your spouse, even if you don't have a Shared account. You'll both need to endorse the check.

  • We cannot accept checks that are written from another personal account you own. If you'd like to move money from another personal bank account to Simple, you can link an external account.
  • We're not able to accept cash advance checks from credit card issuers.
  • We're unable to accept U.S. Savings Bonds. Many smaller banks, including our partner bank, are unable to calculate the interest on these bonds. If you have a bond you need to cash, you may be able to do so at a local bank (even if you're not a customer). There's usually a limit on the amount you can cash per day. The Treasury webpage outlines all the options for cashing bonds.
  • If you have a check in a former legal name, or if your legal name has changed recently and you need to change the name on your Simple account, give us a call at 888-248-0632 or send us a support messagesend us a support messagesend us a support message and we'll help you through the process.
  • We're not currently able to accept international checks. We're working towards the ability to process them in the future.

Hit us up if you're not sure whether or not we'll be able to accept a specific check. We're happy to take a look at it and see!

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