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Photo Check Deposit

What is photo check deposit?

Photo Check Deposit is one of the coolest features in our mobile app. You can deposit a check or money order simply by endorsing it and taking a clear photo. We use a specialized scanning service to read the crucial information on the check and process it. Please note: although most checks and money orders are suitable for Photo Check Deposit, there are a few types of deposits we can only accept by mail. We're also not able to accept checks that are written from another personal account you own. If you'd like to move money from another personal bank account to Simple, check out External Accounts.

Depositing checks with your phone

You can find the check deposit button in the navigation drawer of the Android app (tap Payments & Transfers, then Deposit Check). Once you tap that button, you'll be guided through the process of submitting a check for review.

You can find the Deposit Check button in the Move Money tab of the iOS app (it's the center tab on the menu at the bottom of the app). Once you tap that button, you'll be guided through the process of submitting a check for review.

You can submit a check with our iOS and Android apps. Just tap the Deposit Check button, and you'll be guided through the process of submitting a check for review.

Since we'll be using your photo to create a legal copy of the check, make sure the image is clear and sharp, and we're able to see all four corners of the check.

After the check is submitted, we'll review it and send you a support message to confirm that it's been accepted, or explain any issues that are preventing us from accepting the deposit. Please don't write on the check or destroy it until we've confirmed it's been accepted! Even after that, it's a good idea to hang on to the deposit for 60 days after submitting it, just in case.

Whenever possible, submit your deposits before 5 p.m. ET (2 p.m. PT) on a business day. This ensures we're able to start processing them that day, making your funds available as quickly as possible.

Why is this feature disabled?

If your account becomes overdrawn, Photo Check Deposit is automatically disabled as a security measure. This is rare (our accounts are set up to decline charges that are likely to cause overdrafts) but possible. If this should happen, there are a few alternate ways to fund your account and re-enable Photo Check Deposit. You can transfer funds from an External Account, set up Direct Deposit, or deposit the check by mail. You can also give us a call at 888-248-0632; we may be able to offer you additional tips over the phone.

How much can I deposit with Photo Check Deposit?

The initial limit for Photo Check Deposit is $2,000 per check. Once your account is 31 days old and you have deposited five or more checks with Photo Check Deposit, the limit automatically increases to $3,000 per check. To deposit a check over $3,000, you'll want to mail it in. Here are some other limits to be aware of:

Individual Deposits Total Sum
Daily Limit 5 $5,000
Weekly Limit 10 $25,000
Monthly Limit 15 $45,000

Please note: there are no limits on mailed check deposits.

When will my funds be available?

You can get the full scoop in our article on check holds.

Generally, the funds will be available after 1-2 business days. If you submit a deposit before 5 pm ET/ 2 pm PT, we can start processing it that day. Accounts under 31 days old are subject to an extended hold period of 9 business days.

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