Card Arrival

Card Arrival

When will my Simple Visa® Debit card arrive?

As soon as your application is approved, your first debit card will be automatically sent to your home address via USPS mail. It usually takes around 7 - 10 days for your card to be made and mailed to you.

Activating your new Simple Visa® Debit card

Once your card arrives, you can activate your Simple card on the web or within the mobile app.


What if my card doesn't arrive in the mail?
If your debit card doesn’t show up within 10 days, send us a support messagesend us a support messagesend us a support message. We’ll verify your address, deactivate the shipped debit card so that it cannot be activated, and send you a replacement.

What if my card is lost or worn out, and I need a new one?
Reach out to us! We'll verify your address and send you a new card! Head on over to the Replacement Card article for more details.

Will I get a card for my Protected Goals Account?
Nope! A Protected Goals Account is a separate high-yield checking account, and is designed to keep your money safe from accidental spending. If you need to spend money from your Protected Goals Account you can always tranfer the funds to your primary checking account.

Can I request a different name on my card?
We print cards with your legal first and last name; we're not able to offer any variations including middle names, initials or suffixes.

What if I can't recieve USPS mail at home?
If you can't receive USPS mail at home, send us a support messagesend us a support messagesend us a support message right away so we can explore other shipping options.

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