Personal Checks

Personal Checks

Does Simple offer checkbooks?

We don’t offer personal checks, but there are a few alternatives that you can use with your Simple account.

  1. Our fee-free bill pay service can be used for nearly all the situations where you’d use a personal check.

  2. Money orders are another great option, especially if you need to make a payment quickly. You can get one with your Simple card at any USPS for a small fee. You can also get them at many grocery or convenience stores with cash. Please note: most money orders have a limit, so you may need more than one money order for a large payment.

Please note that eChecks and paper checks printed by another company with your Simple account and routing numbers will not work. Our accounts do not support having checks drawn off them.

Getting a voided check

If you need a voided check (for example, to set up direct deposit), there's one printed on our direct deposit form. Just log onto the web and hover your mouse over your name in the upper right corner, and select Direct Deposit from the drop down menu. Or, use this handy link.

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