Getting Money Into Simple

Getting Money Into Simple

Moving money into your Simple account

There are lots of ways to get money into Simple, and the best one depends a lot on the situation. Here's a quick overview of the options:

Transfers from another bank account

You can link another bank account and set up transfers, fee-free. Transfers into Simple take three or four business days; transfers out of Simple take just one or two business days. If you choose to initiate a transfer through another bank, they may charge a small fee and the timeline varies: it's typically 2-5 business days.

Direct deposit

Once your employer sets up direct deposit, your paycheck will arrive early in the morning on payday (or the next business day, if payday falls over the weekend or on a holiday). Direct deposit is a great way to get funds into your account on autopilot.


Most checks and money orders can be deposited with Photo Check Deposit. Larger checks and a few other types of checks must be mailed in.

If your account is 30 days old or newer, your checks will be subject to an extended hold. After that point, they'll be made available much quicker. You can find all the details in our Check Holds article.

Wire transfers

Although Simple isn't able to send wires, we can receive them. We don't charge to receive a wire, but the bank that sends the wire will charge a fee. Wire transfers are a super quick, secure way to send funds. They're great for moving large sums into Simple or receiving money internationally.

Third Party Services

You can also use many payment and transfer services (such as PayPal, Square Cash, or Google Wallet) with Simple; some of these services can be used to get money into your Simple account. Find the full run down in the Third Party Payment Services article.

info icon What about cash?

Getting cash into an online bank account like Simple is a bit different than depositing it a branch or an ATM. It's still possible, though—learn how here:

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