Simple on Social Media

Simple on Social Media

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You can find us sharing insights, stories, and Simple news on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

But don’t follow just any old Simple social media account out there. Unfortunately fake accounts are sometimes created by malicious sources for phishing or scamming purposes. Your security is a top priority so we do our best to get these fake accounts taken down as fast as they show up, but we also want to make sure you are aware of who you can follow safely

You can follow Simple’s official accounts on social media at:

Quick tip

Remember to look for the blue check on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—that’s how you know it’s real!


We will never ask you for any account information—including emails, passwords, account numbers, debit numbers, or social security numbers—over social media. If we need more information to help you with a problem, we’ll send you a support message through the app or request a phone call! If you ever get a message from Simple asking you for these details or changes, do not take action - just hit “delete” and move on with your day! If you have given your info to someone over social media, make sure to give us a call right away! We’ll help you secure your account.

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