Siri & Simple

Siri & Simple

Is Simple compatible with Siri?

Yep! If you want to know how much you have to spend in your Simple account, Simple's integration with Siri provides easy on the go access to your Safe-to-Spend and Expenses balances. Just make sure you’ve updated your iOS app to version 2.76 or later.

Setting up Siri

To enable Siri with your Safe-to-Spend balance:

  1. Head to your Simple App Settings.
  2. Tap on “Siri Shortcuts”.
  3. Tap “Ask for Amount in Safe-to-Spend” or “Ask for Amount in Shared Safe-to-Spend”.
  4. Follow the prompt to record a trigger phrase. (It can be as easy as “Hey Siri, What’s my Safe-to-Spend?”)

To enable Siri with your Expense balances:

  1. Head to your Expenses list in the Simple App.
  2. Tap on the desired Expense.
  3. Tap the “Add to Siri” button.
  4. Follow the prompt to record a trigger phrase.

That's it! Now all you have to do is use your trigger phrase and Siri will give you a quick update.

What if I want to remove Siri from the Simple App?

Easy! You can disable Siri from the Simple app within your iOS settings:

  1. Head to your iOS Settings App.
  2. Tap on "Siri & Search".
  3. Tap on "Simple".
  4. Tap on "Shortcuts".
  5. Tap "Edit" and select the shortcuts you’d like to remove.
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Important! This account is for your personal use only

An increasing number of customers are being targeted by fraud scams. Before you apply, review these guidelines to help prevent you from being involved in fraudulent activity.

Do not open an account on behalf of someone else
If anyone asks you to open a Simple Account to receive funds, it is an attempt at fraud. Common fraud attempts include requesting that you open an account to receive a gift or bonus offer, obtain a job or job training, or help someone else receive funds (such as unemployment benefits).

Do not share your login or account information with anyone
Neither Simple nor any other legitimate institution will ever ask for your account information. If any third party requests your Simple Account login information, it is an attempt at fraud. Sharing your account information with another person or allowing someone else to use your account to receive funds is a violation of the Simple Deposit Account Agreement terms and conditions and can expose you to fraud.

Actions we may take if fraud is suspected

We take fraud and security very seriously at Simple, and take rapid action in the instance of suspected fraud attempts.

We may freeze and close accounts
We may freeze and close accounts if fraudulent activity is suspected, including the following circumstances:

We will report fraud attempts
We are responsible for reporting fraud attempts to authorities, including attempted unemployment fraud. There are state and federal penalties for unemployment insurance fraud (including potential fines and incarceration). If you suspect you are a victim of unemployment fraud, contact the appropriate state fraud hotline listed here.

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