Overdrafting Your Goals

Overdrafting Your Goals

Can you overspend your Goals? What happens if you do?

Goals are essentially a visual record-keeping and labeling system. Allocating funds to a specific Goal removes them from your Safe-to-Spend, but they're still included in your available balance, and you can still use them to make purchases.

So, it's possible to overspend your Goals. When this happens, a banner will pop up to notify you. (You'll see the banner after logging in on the web, or on the Goals tab of the mobile app.) To settle up, you can spend from a Goal or transfer money out of your Goals.

What if I fall behind?

It's also possible to get behind on a Goal. Being behind doesn't mean you've overspent—it just means you didn't have enough money in your Safe-to-Spend to make your regular, automatic contributions to a Save Over Time Goal. If you get behind on a Goal, the daily contributions will automatically increase so you'll complete your Goal on time if you get more funds in your account. You can also move a lump sum into the Goal.

Paused Goals

You can pause a Goal at any time. When a Goal is paused, funds will no longer be transferred into the Goal. Paused Goals will fall behind schedule, but you can always catch up by manually moving funds back to the Goal.

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