Simple Bill Pay

Simple Bill Pay

Simple said goodbye to the "Mail a check" and "Pay a bill" feature (commonly known as Bill pay) on 7/9/19. Note: If you started an application with Simple on or after 5/21/19, your account does not have this feature.

Payments that have already been sent (prior to or on 7/9):

  • Payments scheduled to withdraw on 7/9/19 processed as normal, and should arrive to your payee between 7/11/19 - 7/16/19 depending on if they were sent electronically or via mailed check. Electronic bills scheduled to arrive after 7/11/19 were not be paid. Mailed payments scheduled to arrive after 7/16/19 were not sent.
  • Mailed payments can still be cashed for up to 90 days after they are issued.
  • If a payment was sent using our Mail a check feature, we'll send you a quick notification when the payment clears. (This usually happens a few business days after the recipient cashes it.) If the payment is not cashed by the payee within 90 days, the funds for the payment will be returned to you, they will not be resent.

How to find your account and routing number to set up payments with your billers

  1. From your account settings, tap Account Numbers. (If you already have your account number our routing number is 062201601.)
  2. There they are! (Note: If you have a Protected Goal Account set up you'll find those numbers here as well.)

The merchant may also need the bank address. If they do, give them the name and address of our partner bank:

701 32nd Street
Birmingham, AL 35233

So, what's this Expenses thing all about?

Expenses are a great way to plan ahead for those regular bills. You tell us how much you need for your bills and when, and we make sure the funds are carefully tucked away in your account for you. Once your Expense is funded, you have options. You can pay your biller directly, pay them with a paper check, or you can set up your Expenses so everything is automated for you!

Picture this:

It's time to pay your phone bill and you already have a “Phone” Expense with the amount you need saved up.

You’ve scheduled monthly automatic payments with your phone company. When the charge comes through, it’s spent from your “Phone” Expense automatically, instead of your Safe-to-Spend. By the time your bill is due the following month, the Expense is refilled and ready. Voila!

Create my first Expense

Create my first Expense

Create my first Expense

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