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If you’ve already opened a Shared account and you know the basics (or you’re being very, very thorough about doing your homework beforehand—hooray!), you're in the right spot. Here, you’ll find tips on taking your sharing to the next level.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide to opening a Shared account, check out the Getting Started With Shared article.

How Shared accounts work

When you open a Shared account, you and your partner will each have an individual account (that belongs to just you) and the Shared account (which you both own).

Your Shared account is separate from your individual account: it has its own account number, Safe-to-Spend, available balance, debit cards (one for you and one for your partner), Goals, and transactions.

You and your partner co-own the Shared account (learn more about co-ownership here). Your solo accounts remain private—only you can access the funds or information on your individual account.

Switching to your Shared account

After you log in to Simple, take the following steps to switch to your Shared account:

  • Web: Hover your mouse over your name. Then, select Switch accounts from the drop-down menu.
  • Android: Swipe right to open the navigation menu and tap the icon for your Shared account (it’s in the upper right corner of the menu).
  • iOS: Go to the Accounts tab (it’s in the bottom right corner) and select Switch Accounts. You can also press and hold the Account tab from any screen. Then, select your Shared account.

What you can do with your Shared account

Practically all the features available for your individual account are also available with Shared! After you’ve logged on and switched to the Shared account, you can …

There are a few tiny differences with Shared:

  • Instant transfers have been replaced with Shared Account Transfers. From your Shared account, you can transfer money to either of the connected individual accounts. If you’d like to make an Instant transfer to someone besides your partner, you’ll need to do that from your individual account.
  • Card purchases will have a little icon in the transaction list, labeling which ones were made with your Shared card and which ones were made with your partner’s card.

What if we only use Shared?

If you and your partner only want to use your Shared account, go for it! Though you’ll still have an individual account (and you’ll use it to update your contact information or send any Instant transfers, since Instant isn’t available with Shared), you don’t have to make transactions or deposit funds. You can simply block your individual card and keep it somewhere safe. By the way, we don’t charge fees of any sort—so you won’t run into inactivity or monthly maintenance fees.

Paying bills with Shared

You can pay recurring bills from your Shared account via auto-debit (just use your Shared account number) or with your Shared debit card.

If you’re wondering what bills to pay from your Shared account and which from your personal account … well, that’s something you and your partner know better than we do. We have ideas, though!

  • If you and your partner are friends who co-parent a dog, you can use your Shared account to pay for recurring dog food orders, grooming, training, and treats. Also, perhaps, cute accessories?
  • If you and your partner live together (platonically or otherwise) you can use your Shared account for rent or mortgage payments plus utilities. If it makes sense to the two of you, you can also use your Shared account for groceries, household supplies, mutual gifts, or activities you do together.
  • If you and your partner share everything, you can use your Shared account for well, everything.

Using Goals with Shared

Making a Goal with your Shared account is pretty much the same as making any Goal. These Goals will only be visible from your Shared accounts, and they’ll contain your Shared account funds.

If you like to use Goals for budgeting, we recommend spending some time talking to your partner and setting up your budget together. If you have questions, send us a support messagesend us a support messagesend us a support message or give us a call at 888-248-0632. We’d love to offer you tips and tricks on getting the most out of Goals.

Final fun facts and FAQ

Managing your Shared account

  • Both you and your partner can access the funds in your Shared account, see the transactions, and talk to our support team about that account.
  • However, only you can update your address or other contact information, schedule a transfer with an external account you linked, request a new card, or create a travel notice. (Also, our support team can only talk about your individual account directly with you.)


  • Is there a way to move transactions, Goals, or other account information from my personal account to my Shared one, or vice versa? Not right now; your Shared account is separate (though connected) and it has its own account numbers, cards, and transactions records.
  • Why do I need an individual account to open a Shared one? We settled on this structure for Shared for a couple reasons. It fit well with the current structure of Simple accounts (allowing us to launch Shared faster). It also allows folks to transition between sharing just a little or sharing a lot, making Shared flexible enough for evolving partnerships.
  • What if I want to close my Shared account? Either of the two owners can close a Shared account. To start the process, just give us a call or send us a message. We’ll ask you to confirm the closure request in writing, and we’ll take it from there. You can close your Shared account and keep your individual one open, or you can close both your accounts at once. However, we can't close your individual account without also closing your Shared one.
  • Can I have more than one Shared account? Or can I open a Shared account with more than one other person? Not yet. Right now, there can only be two owners on a Shared account, and you’re only able to have one Shared account at a time. We are interested in expanding this, one day, and we’ll keep you posted as we have news on that front.
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