Disputing a Transaction

Disputing a Transaction

How do I dispute a transaction?

If you see any sort of transaction error on your account (whether it’s a charge you don’t recognize, a merchant who overcharged you, something you were charged twice for, etc.) let us know as soon as you can. If you think the transaction may be fraudulent, it’s also a good idea to block your Simple card right away.

Once you give us a heads up about the error, we’ll ask you a few questions and take detailed notes about your situation. If the transaction has settled, the disputes team can start investigating right away. If it's still pending, we'll ask you to keep an eye on the transaction and let us know when it settles. If we need to replace your card to prevent unauthorized charges, we’ll help you with that part too.

Types of disputes

There are two main types of disputes.

Unauthorized charges or billing errors.
For example:
  • There is a charge on your account that you didn’t make or authorize.
  • A charge settled for more or less than the correct amount.
  • You were charged more than once for a single transaction.
  • You were charged for a subscription after canceling.
  • There’s an error on your Simple statement.

Service or quality disputes
For example:
  • You made a return but didn’t receive a refund.
  • You were charged for merchandise but never received it.
  • You received merchandise that was damaged or defective.
  • You made a purchase with other means (like cash or another card) but were also charged through Simple.
  • The merchant promised to refund or cancel a charge, but didn’t do so.

Don’t worry too much about figuring out what category your dispute falls under—our disputes team will thoroughly investigate and guide you along!

Is there anything I can do to help the dispute process go quickly and smoothly?

Yes, there absolutely is!

  1. When you contact us to report the error, please give us as many details as you can about why you’re disputing the charge.
  2. If you recognize the merchant and you’ve made purchases with them in the past or given them your billing information, it’s definitely worth reaching out to them to see if they can correct the error. Resolving things with the merchant is usually quicker than resolving an error through the dispute process.
  3. In some cases, we may ask you to send us documents or records of the charge in order to bolster your case. If you’d like to get a head start, please send any documentation— such as emails, letters, invoices, receipts, contracts, or any other documents you think would be helpful in the dispute investigation—to disputes@simple.com with your name in the subject line.

How does the dispute process work? How long will it take?

The dispute process takes some time, since there are many steps and a specific (often regulated) timeline for each. There’s often not much we can do to hurry the process, but we’ll work hard to keep your case moving as smoothly as possible and update you whenever there’s news! Here’s a quick overview of what generally happens:

  • As soon as you report an error, our support team will start compiling the information for your case.
  • We're not able to dispute pending transactions, but if they settle into your account please let us know right away!
  • Our disputes team will look into your case and follow up via support message.
    • We automatically prioritize cases of fraud or possible fraud, so if you’ve reported an unauthorized charge, please know we’ll be in touch as soon as we can!
    • We may be able to resolve your dispute at this point (without going through the additional steps below); this depends on the individual circumstances of the dispute. Rest assured, we’ll let you know if this is possible!
  • We’ll review your case and determine if we can offer a provisional credit for the disputed transaction(s).
  • Depending on the type of dispute, we may ask you for documents or additional details to support your case.
  • Our disputes team will submit your dispute with all the information we’ve gathered.
  • The merchant will have an opportunity to respond to your dispute, so we’ll wait and see if they do.
  • Our disputes team will work towards a final resolution, and we’ll be in touch whenever we have an update.
  • If the dispute is resolved in your favor, you’ll be refunded for the transaction. If we already issued a provisional credit, that credit will be made permanent.
  • If the dispute isn’t resolved in your favor, there are a couple of things to note:
    • You still have the option of trying to reach a resolution directly with the merchant.
    • If you are disputing an unauthorized charge or billing error, you have the right to ask for a copy of the documents we used to investigate and resolve a dispute—and if you do, we’re required to give them to you. Just let us know.
    • We may have to reverse any provisional credits we issued earlier.

Most disputes can be resolved in 90 days, but some cases take longer.

Can I cancel a dispute?

If you’d like to cancel a dispute that you’ve filed (for example, if you’ve recognized the charge or you’ve been able to resolve the mistake with the merchant), please send us a support messagesend us a support messagesend us a support message.

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