Spending Graphs and Trends

Spending Graphs and Trends

Ready to get to know your spending habits really, really well?

On the web, you can view your transactions as a list … or you can pull up an interactive line graph of your spending and income.

We also display your transactions trends, so you can instantly see your average income and spending by day, week, month, or your entire life as a Simple customer.

  1. To view a line graph, click the Graph button right below the search bar.

  2. This automatically brings up a graph of your deposits and expenses over the past six months. The green line represents the money you've earned, while the red line represents the money you've spent.Graph full

  3. There's a little drop-down menu next to the Graph button you can use to select whether you'd like these trends displayed by day, week, month, or all time.Graph time

  4. When you search for transactions, the graph will automatically update to show just those transactions.

How do I make sure a transaction shows up in the right search?

Editing your transactions allows you to fine-tune your graphs and trends. You can re-categorize purchases, or label them with hashtags so that they're tracked in the way that makes the most sense to you.

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