International Transactions

International Transactions

There are a few things to keep in mind if you make any transactions with an international merchant.

One of them is that it’s the merchant’s location that matters, so a transaction can be considered international even if you make it from home, online, in U.S currency.

International transactions are subject to slightly different limits, and they may also be subject to a small service fee from Visa.

International transaction fees

If you make an international transaction with your Simple card, you may incur Visa's International Service Assessment (ISA) fee, which is 1% of the transaction amount. For example, a transaction for $125 may incur a fee of $1.25.

The fee will show up as a separate transaction, and it may come through before or after the original purchase. Here’s an example of an international transaction fee that came through a couple of days after the initial transaction.


International transaction limits

The daily international spend limit for your Simple card is $1,000. We can increase that to the normal daily limit of $6,000 if you give us a heads up in advance. You can do that by filling out a travel notice within your account, or you can send us a support messagesend us a support messagesend us a support message or give us a call at 888-248-0632.

If you’re traveling

This article just covers transactions with international merchants—if you’re planning to use your Simple account while traveling, check out the Traveling article for lots of other helpful details.

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