Pending Charges

Pending Charges

Why is this transaction marked as pending? What does that mean?

When you make a purchase with your Simple card, you might see a charge with a little pending tag next to the transaction amount. That means the merchant has placed a hold on the funds, but hasn’t actually withdrawn them from your account. The pending charge will stick around until one of two things happens:

  • The merchant finalizes the charge: many merchants do this daily, but some do it less frequently.
  • A couple of business days pass without the merchant finalizing the charge, and the pending hold drops off due to time. If this happens, it’s likely the transaction will come through later (unless, of course, the merchant has canceled the charge).

When the hold is placed, your available balance and Safe-to-Spend will reflect it. If the pending hold drops off due to time (meaning the merchant has not yet finalized the transaction) it will disappear from your activity and your balance will go back up, making it temporarily appear like the transaction never occurred. When the transaction shows back up as a settled transaction you'll see it listed in your activity again and it will be deducted from your balance.

Can a pending charge be cancelled?

Not on our end, but the merchant can often cancel it. If the merchant cancels the charge while it’s still pending, they’ll remove it from their list of transactions to finalize. They don’t usually have a way to remove the pending hold, but it should drop off after a few days. If it doesn't and you need to dispute it, you can do that directly in the app.

Why is this pending charge more or less than I paid?

Some merchants (primarily ones where tips or surcharges are common) will place a hold for one amount and then finalize the transaction for the correct amount.

Sometimes the pending charge will be less than the final amount. For example, if you buy lunch at a restaurant for $10 and tip $2, the pending charge will generally be for $10, and the transaction will finalize for $12.

On the other hand, sometimes the pending charge will be greater than the final amount. This can happen with hotels or car rental companies; they may place pending holds that are greater than the actual charge to allow for any extra incidental charges. When the transaction finalizes, it should change to reflect the amount you actually paid.

I bought gas, but I don't see a pending charge—why?

Some gas stations place a $0 hold when a transaction is authorized. Since it's for $0, you won't see it in your balance or your transaction list until the charge settles and changes to reflect the right amount. We will send you a push notification (if you have them enabled) when the hold is placed, though!

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Important! Keep your account safe from fraud

As fraud attempts are on the rise recently — especially related to unemployment funds — help us keep your account safe by following these guidelines.

Use your Simple Account only for your own personal use. Don’t share your account with others or receive funds on behalf of third parties.

Don’t share your username or password with others. Never give out your login information. Simple will never ask you to tell us your password — if any third party makes such a request, it’s an attempt at fraud.

Don’t open an account at someone else’s request. If someone else asks you to open a Simple Account — such as a real estate company, prospective employer, or someone you met online — it is likely an attempt at fraud.

Be alert for unemployment insurance fraud. You may be violating the law and the terms of your Simple Account if you receive deposits of unemployment funds on behalf of someone else. There are state and federal penalties for unemployment insurance fraud (including potential fines and incarceration). If you suspect you are a victim of unemployment fraud, contact the appropriate state fraud hotline listed here.

Don’t receive funds on behalf of a third party. Keep in mind that receiving funds on behalf of a third party violates the terms and conditions of your Simple Account; in such instances, we may restrict and/or close your account and hold the funds while we await direction from enforcement agencies.

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