Pending Charges

Pending Charges

Why is this transaction marked as pending?

When you make a card purchase with your PIN, the transaction will normally be finalized very quickly. If you make a purchase without a PIN, you'll see a pending charge appear on your account. The transaction may remain pending for a while before it's finalized, though it will be reflected in your available balance and your Safe-to-Spend right away.

The exact timeframe depends on the merchant, since they finalize their transactions in batches. It's common for them to do this once a day, but some merchants batch their transactions less frequently, resulting in the transactions that stay pending longer.

Usually, the pending charge will disappear when the settled charge is processed, but occasionally, it will linger. This happens when the merchant creates a new transaction when they run the batch, rather than finalizing the existing authorization. The pending charge will drop off on its own, usually after a week or so. If a pending charge that you expect to settle disappears, it’ll likely show up again later once the merchant finalizes the transaction. Your balance will go up when the pending charge drops off, and down again when the final transaction goes through.

Can a pending charge be cancelled?

Not on our end, but the merchant can often cancel it. If the merchant cancels the charge while it’s still pending, they’ll remove it from their list of transactions to finalize. They don’t usually have a way to remove the pending hold, but it should drop off after a few days. If it doesn't and you need to dispute it, you can do that directly in the app.

Why is this pending charge more or less than I paid?

Some merchants (primarily ones where tips or surcharges are common) will place a hold for one amount and then finalize the transaction for the correct amount.

Sometimes the pending charge will be less than the final amount. For example, if you buy lunch at a restaurant for $10 and tip $2, the pending charge will generally be for $10, and the transaction will finalize for $12.

On the other hand, sometimes the pending charge will be greater than the final amount. This can happen with hotels or car rental companies; they may place pending holds that are greater than the actual charge to allow for any extra incidental charges. When the transaction finalizes, it should change to reflect the amount you actually paid.

I bought gas, but I don't see a pending charge—why?

Some gas stations place a $0 hold when a transaction is authorized. Since it's for $0, you won't see it in your balance or your transaction list until the charge settles and changes to reflect the right amount. We will send you a push notification (if you have them enabled) when the hold is placed, though!

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