Searching for something?

You can search your transactions on the web or with our mobile app.

Search is pretty straightforward: you can search for transaction names, memos, and categories. When you search, your spending graphs and trends will automatically adjust to show the results. You can also search and then export the selected transactions.

Searching by date

It's also possible to isolate transactions from a specific date range. To do that, you'll need a specifically-formatted link. Go ahead and copy the link below, and edit the date in the link to fit the range you're searching for.

For example: this link will bring up any transactions from Jan. 1, 2016 to Dec. 31, 2016. To change the start date for the search to June 15, you'd change the first date in the link to 2016-06-15 while keeping the rest of the link as-is.

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