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Tips and Tolerance on Pending Charges

For the most accurate info, select your Simple account’s partner bank.

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Your partner bank is in your card number.

Check the first two digits: “40” means BBVA Compass, “48” means Bancorp. You can also sign in to Simple and check your “Account Numbers” screen.

Why is this transaction more than I paid?

Many transactions have an temporary additional sum, called a tolerance, applied to the base amount while the transaction is pending. This amount is added to ensure there's enough in your account to cover tips, a full tank of gas, or other additional charges.

This authorization will last as long as the transaction is pending. When the transaction settles after a few business days, you'll see the amount you actually paid. For example, say your restaurant bill is $40. You sign for $40 and tip cash, but the pending transaction will include the bill plus an estimated tip: $48 total. As long as the transaction is pending, you'll see $48 in your Activity, but once it settles, the amount will change to $40.

Here are some transaction categories, along with the tolerance amount you might see applied to the authorization:

  • Gas - $25.00 or more
  • Restaurants - 20%
  • Taxi and Limos - 20%
  • Bars - 20%
  • Car Rental - 15% or more
  • Cruise Lines - 15% or more
  • Spas and Salons - 20%
  • Hotels - 15% or more

Please note: hotel card terminals are occasionally set up to apply extremely high tolerance amounts. Therefore we advise using a credit card for hotel reservations and car rentals.

Why is this transaction less than I paid?

When you swipe your card for some purchases (notably at restaurants, hotels, or places where you might leave a tip) the pending charge will be for the base amount. If you add a tip, the tip will be reflected in your transaction list when the transaction settles.

If you have push notifications enabled, we'll send you a note with our best estimate of the final amount.

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