Using Your Simple Card

Using Your Simple Card

Your Simple Visa® Debit card

Your Simple card should be accepted anywhere Visa is, and you can run it as either credit or debit (though transactions that exceed your available balance will be automatically declined).

How do I use my card?

Debit or credit?

When given the option of debit or credit, you may choose either. Our cards can be run on both networks. The only difference is that 'debit' requires a PIN and it finalizes very quickly, and 'credit' doesn't require a PIN and may remain pending for several days. With a PIN transaction, you can also generally get cash back.

What about chip readers?

If the merchant has a chip-enabled card reader, just insert the chip end of your card, leave it there while you complete the purchase (following the prompts on the screen) and remove it when the transaction is complete. You can choose either credit or debit. Chip card payments take a couple of seconds longer than a card swipe.

If the merchant doesn’t have a chip-enabled card reader yet, you can just swipe as you normally would.

Can I use my card internationally?

Yup! You can use your Simple card overseas for the most part. There are a few countries where your Simple card won’t work, so be sure to check our list of banned countries before traveling.

There are also a few automated terminals overseas that offer offline PIN transactions—a transaction where the terminal isn’t connected to the internet. Our cards won’t support these transactions, so it’s still a good idea to carry some cash when you’re traveling.

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