Simple's Exec Team

Meet the people making banking beautiful.

Joshua Reich, Chief Executive Officer

Simple CEO and Co-Founder Josh Reich is charged with defining the vision and culture that bring his company and its products to life. With a background in both marketing analytics and quantitative finance, a BSc. in mathematics and statistics from the University of Melbourne, most of a medical degree, and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, Josh is also a bit of a data nerd. While analytical, Josh is dedicated to building a diverse team that’s empowered to create with their humanity and the customer at the forefront of every decision.

Michelle Broderick, Chief Marketing Officer

With her quirk, levity, and true love of storytelling, Simple’s Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Broderick brings a rare authenticity to her craft. After years spent building some of the world’s most beloved brands, Michelle joined Simple to lead a diverse, creative team that's dedicated to infusing banking with genuine human goodness.

Claudia Cameron, Vice President of Customer Relations

Bio to come.

Reini Chipman, Chief People Officer

Reini Chipman is Simple’s first Chief People Officer, tasked with scaling the company’s culture, elevating inclusivity and diversity, and nurturing an ecosystem where innovation and performance truly thrive. A native Midwesterner known for her “abundance” mindset approach to team building and coaching, Reini has worked with thousands of talented individuals, hundreds of teams, and several companies recognized as some of the “Best Places To Work.”

Matt Compton, Chief Operating Officer

Achieving scale through purpose brings Simple’s Chief Operating Officer Matt Compton to life.  With years of experience leading high-growth technology companies, Matt defines strategies that align Simple’s business incentives with those of its customers. Passionate about the outdoors, Matt believes that an active, balanced lifestyle can solve many of today’s biggest issues. As an avid climber, skier, and runner, and a  longtime member of REI’s Board of Directors , he truly embodies this belief.

Susan Ehrlich, Chief Financial Officer

Bio to come.

Brian Maher, Vice President of Operations

As Simple’s Vice President of Operations, Brian Maher leads Simple’s team that simultaneously  respects and cuts through red tape. In banking--an industry that’s known for antiquated policies, legalese, and a lack of innovation--Brian stands apart for his belief in creating opportunity with consumer-friendly financial innovation. While his role may require pragmatism, Brian brings a lot of heart to his work, helping Simple walk the line between innovation and violation.

Will Maier, Vice President of Engineering

As Simple’s Vice President of Engineering, Will Maier leads the team that brings Simple’s products to life through code. His days are fueled with strong coffee and a passion for creating an inclusive team of empathetic engineers.  Prior to Simple, Will ran part of the global computing grid that powered the search for the “God particle,” aka the Higgs boson at CERN.

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