A happy, handcrafted home for your Simple card.

Made by our friends at Tanner Goods. Choose from equally lovely leather* or felt.

*Please note: the shade of leather you receive may vary due to availability.

If you want one:

Think of someone special who might enjoy using Simple.

In the mobile app:

Tap the Invite a Friend tab in the menu and share your personal link.

Or on the web:

Sign into your account and send your friend your personal Invite Friends link in the header.

Once your friend opens an account, we’ll send both of you an email. Then you can each pick which wallet you want.

Tanner Goods is a small team of designers and craftspeople in Portland.

These wallets are the products of exceptional minds, hearts, and hands. We hope you love yours.


Do I get a wallet for every friend I refer?

No, actually, we can only give one per person. Every friend who uses your referral link will get one, though, so feel free to spread the word as widely as you’d like.

How will I know when a friend signs up with my referral link?

We’ll send you an email! We’ll send you both one, in fact, with a link to order your wallet.

I’m not a fan of leather. Is there another option?

There is! We also made a version in grey felt. We think it’s equally lovely.

How long will it take my wallet to show up after I order it?

It should take 7-10 days. They ship from Austin, Texas, so it might depend on how far away you live from there.

What if I referred a friend before this? Do I get a wallet?

No, we can only offer these for new referrals. We’re truly grateful that you recommended us to a friend already, though. Do you know anyone else who might enjoy using Simple?

What does my friend need to open a Simple account?

This article has some general info on what's required to open a bank account online.

Enough with the questions! Where do I get my referral link?

Ok! We’re glad you’re excited. In the mobile app, tap the Invite a Friend tab in the menu. On the web, log into your account and grab the Invite Friends link in the header.

You can share your link on Facebook, Twitter, email, text, your blog, or you can write it on piece of paper, fold it into an airplane, and throw it as far as you can. Maybe someone will pick it up!