You Could Get $20

When your friend successfully makes a purchase with their Simple card for the first time, $20 will appear in your account (and theirs too 🎉). It’s a happy, hearty welcome to anyone in your life who might appreciate a more beautiful way to bank, budget, and save.

Share Simple in four little steps

Look for the 🎁 icon in the header of your Simple mobile or desktop app, then:

  1. Click or tap that cheerful icon!
  2. Share your personal invite link with any (and every) one you want.
  3. When your friend successfully uses their new Simple card for the first time...
  4. ✨ magical poof✨ $20 appears in your account!

Wait, but I’m a friend that was referred, what about me?

First, hello! Then, it's four easy steps for you too:

  1. Click the link your friend sent and apply for a Simple account (Here’s some more info about what that means.)
  2. Put money in Simple by linking another account or setting up direct deposit.
  3. When your new card arrives, activate it, and go use it, friend!
  4. ✨ magical poof✨ $20 appears in your account, too (after you successfully use your card, of course).