Make a Great Team

Simple Shared helps you plan, save, and grow together

Invite Your Partner

It’s Simple, to share.

A Simple Shared account helps you and your partner easily budget, save, and talk about money. In good financial partnership, one plus one can equal anything.

One account to share, two to use solo.

Want to share everything? Go for it! Want to keep some stuff private? Sure! Find a balance of transparency and boundaries that works for both of you.

See all your daily ebbs and flows.

A friendly notification will let you know every time one of you spends from your Simple Shared account, keeping you well-acquainted with your finances.

“Saving money is easier, less stressful, and more concrete.”

Say Simple Shared account partners Caroline and Vincent.

Find something priceless? Know it’s Safe-to-Spend®.

Yep, your bills, budgets, and savings are all tended to. Follow your heart toward whatever today holds, whether it’s a story or a statement piece.

Breezily build, save, and spend your budgets.

With a few Goals and a nice conversation with your partner, you can create envelopes for all your budget categories, from Accordion Lessons to Zeppelin Rides.

Goals are celebrations of everything you can do together.

Save automatically for any (and every) thing. Keep sharing, making, and meeting your Goals, and they’ll help you get wherever you want to go.

To all you intrepid sharers: whatever it is, you can do it together

Invite Your Partner