Share what makes sense.

A Simple Shared Account lets you both bank, budget, and earn 30x1 the national average with 2.02% APY.

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Together but still separate

With a Shared Account and two Individual Accounts, "yours", "mine", and "ours" stays separate.

Automate the bills, focus on the thrills

A Shared Account is an easy way to manage shared bills through shared Expenses.

It’s no big thing to save for a big thing

Set up automatic contributions towards your shared Goals so you reach them effortlessly.

Earn interest with whoever you’re interested in

Make your money grow 30x faster1 with a Savings Goal.

Getting started is easy

You don’t even have to be in the same place.

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The Finest Print: The rate is effective as of October 25, 2018, is variable, and subject to change after the account is opened. Accounts subject to approval. So long as you keep at least $2,000 in your Protected Goal Account (this is where your Savings Goal lives) you’ll earn 2.02% Annual Percentage Yield on your entire balance. Dip below and you’ll earn 0.01% APY on your entire balance

1 Check it out for yourself (based on the October 1, 2018 National Rate):