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Enjoy a meal —
we'll share the bill

#SimpleSharesTheBill to help Oregon support local restaurants

We'll chip in $20 for your fave local dish

This Memorial Day weekend, we want to help 500 Oregon customers enjoy a meal from a favorite local restaurant! Just use your Simple card and tag your transaction with #SimpleSharesTheBill, and we’ll reimburse up to $20 (for the first 500 customers).

  • Supporting our local Oregon community: This is our way of showing some love to customers in our home state
  • Supporting local restaurants: Oregon’s food culture is vital to our spirit—let’s help our homegrown restaurants out
  • Supporting food industry workers: They’re working hard to prepare and deliver the delicious, so take this chance to tip extra if you can

How #SimpleSharesTheBill works


Use your Simple debit card to purchase food from a restaurant between Friday 5/22/20 and Monday 5/25/20


Using your mobile app or online banking, add the hashtag “#SimpleSharesTheBill” in the memo line of the transaction


The first 500 #SimpleSharesTheBill transactions will be eligible for the credit. Maximum credit of up to $20 per account.*

Spread your local-restaurant love

We want to see the mouth-watering Memorial Day meals your local restaurants are cooking up! Share what you ordered on social media with #SimpleSharesTheBill—and be sure to tag @Simple and the restaurant that cooked up the goodness!

Not sure which restaurants are offering delivery and takeout right now? Here’s a round-up of who’s cooking around Portland, and here's a collection of resources for other parts of Oregon to get you started.

Memorial Day weekend is usually full of traditions: honoring service members, spending time with family and friends, and sharing meals around the grill. But since COVID-19 will make this a very different kind of holiday, we’re trying something new—and we hope this will add a bit of happiness to your holiday weekend.

The fine print

  • Use your Simple card to purchase food from a restaurant between Friday 5/22/20 12:00 AM PT and Monday 5/25/20 11:59 PM PT.
  • Using your mobile app or online banking, add the hashtag “#SimpleSharesTheBill” in the memo line of the transaction before 5/26/20 11:59 PM PT. You can do this on pending or posted transactions.

*Maximum credit up to $20 per account:

  • Credit applies to one (1) food and drink transaction, including purchases made through food delivery services, per participating account.
  • If more than one transaction is tagged in a participating account, the first transaction amount will be credited up to $20.
  • An eligible transaction less than $20 will receive a credit for the total amount of the transaction.
  • Tips that post as a separate transaction will not be figured into the credit.
  • The first 500 participating accounts will be credited by 6/12/20 4:59 PM PT.

What to know:

  • Only Simple customers who are Oregon residents with an active Simple Visa® Debit card are eligible for this promotion.
  • Simple employees are ineligible for this promotion.
  • Accounts must be open and in good standing at the time of the credit.
  • We may report the value of the credit to the IRS as ‭required by law. Any client whose tax status would require us to impose tax withholding of any ‭sort will not be eligible for this credit.
  • Offer may be modified or withdrawn without notice.

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