Use Goals to save for big purchases or common bills

Goals save up small amounts each day to help you reach important financial commitments on time.

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Protection from financial surprises

63% of Americans don’t have $500 in savings to deal with unexpected expenses. Simple recommends you set at least $500 aside to cover any sudden cash needs.

Cash Buffer


Protect yourself

Transfer money to Simple

To fund those Goals you’re going to need some money! It’s easy and free to use Simple to transfer money from your old accounts. Get started by linking your old bank account.

More ways to get money into Simple

Set up direct deposit

Give Simple’s Direct Deposit form to your employer to make sure your paycheck arrives automatically, every payday. It’s one of the best ways to ensure your Goals stay on track and bills are paid on time!


Update your billers

If you have bills that pull money from your old bank account, make sure to either update your card number or add your new Simple account and routing number. Here are some of the most common bills our customers pay.


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