Simple Budgeting Tips For New Homeowners

Home remodeling costs can add up quick. With Simple, whether you’re going to DIY or hire a contractor, you can keep track of your spending and more—all in your bank account. Here are five Simple budgeting tips to give your new home a new look:

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1. Plan Your Remodeling Budget with Goals

Using Simple's Goals feature, you can create digital envelopes to set aside money for your home's new look within your checking account.

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2. Use Safe-to-Spend to Keep Your Spending in Check

Setting up a new home can be expensive. It can be hard to know where to stop when there are seemingly endless home improvement projects. Keep your spending in Check with Simple's Safe-to-Spend feature.

Safe-to-Spend shows you how much money you can ‘safely’ spend without breaking your budget. It’s easy! Just create Goals for your recurring expenses—rent or mortgage, bills, food, etc—as well as for your savings, home improvement projects, and emergency fund. The money you have leftover is your Safe-to-Spend. By keeping all your basics in Goals, you can quickly glance at your Safe-to-Spend and know it's okay to treat yourself.

3. Set it Aside Now or Save Automatically Over Time

If you have enough money for an upcoming home remodeling project in your account now, choose "Save now" to instantly set that money aside in a digital envelope. Once it’s there, we’ll subtract it from your Safe-to-Spend so you don’t accidentally spend it.

If you need to save up, choose "Save until a date" and pick a date in the future. With "Save until a date," your Simple account will move a small amount of money into your Goal every day until you've saved up enough to reach the Goal amount. It's like saving without even trying.

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4. Find Money in Your Budget with Reports

Now that you have a new home, you may need to cut spending in some areas temporarily to save up for house projects or a contractor. With Reports, you can see your past spending habits and choose where to reduce spending.

5. Plan for the Future with a House Buffer Goal

After you've updated your new home, it's a good idea to continue to save for it in case you need it later. Your house might need a new roof in a few years, or you may want to change that spare room into a nursery or an office. Create a "Save until a date" Goal that automatically saves money for you over the next few years. You'll have a house project buffer before you know it.

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Simple’s Goals tool automatically sets aside money into custom savings categories, bringing your dreams closer to fruition everyday.


You’ll always know what’s Safe-to-Spend with just a quick glance at your app. (This will come in handy at the hardware store)

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