Simple Budgeting Tips for Weddings Big and Small

With so many expenses to keep track of, planning a wedding can feel like an exercise in money-management chaos. But you don’t have to let the big day break your budget. With Simple, you can save automatically for that perfect wedding dress, set aside money for the venue, and more—all within your bank account. Here are five tips for budgeting for your big day:

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1. Plan Your Wedding Budget with Goals

Using Simple's Goals feature, you can create digital envelopes to set aside and organize money for your wedding purchases within your checking account.

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2. Use Safe-to-Spend to Keep Your Spending in Check

Whether you’re planning a small family event or inviting everyone in town, planning a wedding can be hectic. Simple's Safe-to-Spend feature shows you how much you can ‘safely’ spend without breaking your budget.

Using Safe-to-Spend is easy! Just create Goals for your recurring expenses—rent or mortgage, bills, food, etc—as well as for any upcoming wedding expenses. The money you have leftover is your Safe-to-Spend. By keeping all your basics in Goals, you can quickly glance at your Safe-to-Spend and know it’s okay to treat yourself and your partner to a nice reward-dinner for all the planning you’ve been doing.

3. Find Money in Your Budget with Reports

Most couples in the U.S. spend over $30,000 on their wedding. Whether your wedding is a fraction of that cost or more, it's likely you'll need to save up some money of your own for the big day. With Reports, you can see your past spending habits and see where you could cut spending in order to save money for the wedding.

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4. Set it Aside Now or Save Automatically Over Time

If you have enough money for an upcoming wedding expense in your account now, choose "Save now" to instantly set that money aside in a digital envelope. Once it’s there, we’ll subtract it from your Safe-to-Spend so you don’t accidentally spend it.

If you need to save up, or are waiting on donations from friends and family, choose "Save until a date" and pick a date in the future. With "Save until a date, " your Simple account will move a small amount of money into your Goal every day until you've saved up enough to reach the Goal amount. It's like saving without even trying.

5. Plan for the Unexpected with a Buffer Goal

Let’s face it: plans don’t always go as planned. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a buffer Goal for your wedding. Whether there’s a mishap with your caterer, a last minute plane ticket that needs to be bought for a relative, or you need to change your venue due to weather conditions, a buffer could be the saving grace of your wedding.

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